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Virtuemart Cart Mynxx is the first ever RocketTheme template to incorporate Virtuemart, the ever popular Joomla e-commerce component. The release integrates the shopping extension in a variety of methods, firstly, we provide a virtuemart theme for you to install to allow for maximum compatibility, and secondly, a series of modified modules for your own shopping site.

There are various enhances that are apparent in Virtuemart, such as the mootools powered Cart in the top bar; the quantity wheel for the various number input boxes within Virtuemart, meaning a simple up/down arrow will change the number plus a series of other subtle, but intuitive enhancements.

Virtuemart Installation

Step 1 : Download
Download the Virtuemart component from You will want to unzip this file as it contains several of the installable zips inside, from the component, modules to plugins.

Step 2 : Installation
Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall in the Joomla administrator. From there, click Choose FIle and find the file on your computer. Open this and click Upload and install.

Step 3 : Configuration
In order to configure virtuemart, you will need to go to Components > Virtuemart in the Joomla administrator. For more information regarding Virtuemart itself such as how to use it, please go to

Mynxx Runonce Plugin

Virtuemart configures its path / url in a way which restricts it to a single site, i.e. it does not dynamically change depending on your site. This setting is essential for the running of Virtuemart and therefore, we have provided a plugin which will automatically change this setting within Joomla so you do not have to change this manually.

Step 1 : Download
Download the file from the Mynxx section of our download system. Unzip the file to reveal its contents and one of the items will be This is what is required.

Step 2 : Installation
Go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall in the Joomla administrator. From there, click Choose FIle and find the file on your computer. Open this and click Upload and install.

Step 3 : Run the plugin
Go to Extensions > Plugin Manager and find System - Mynxx Runonce from the list. Enable the plugin and check to see if Virtuemart is working. Once it is operational, disable the plugin. This is only required if you are using RocketLauncher or moving your install from one location to another. If you are installing Mynxx on a current Virtuemart site, do not install this plugin.

Mynxx Virtuemart Theme

In order for Mynxx to integrate as seamlessly as it does, a separate Virtuemart theme had to be created, alongside the typical joomla template. This is made possible due to the newest versions of Virtuemart offering a templating capacity which has allowed us much greater access to the theming core of Virtuemart, perfect for creating a Virtuemart specific templates without messy javascript hacks. Therefore, you will need to know how to install it.

Installation of VM_Mynxx

Step 1 : Download
The first step is to download the necessary files (we shall assume that you have already setup your Joomla install with the Mynxx template and Virtuemart). The file you require is which is available from the download section of the RocketTheme site, located in the Mynxx section.

Step 2 : Upload
As Virtuemart does not have an integrated theme installer, you will need to install the template manually. After downloading, unzip the vm_mynxx.zipfile onto your computer which will reveal the vm_mynxx folder. Using your FTP client, such as FileZilla, upload the vm_mynxx folder to /components/com_virtuemart/themes/ on your Joomla install.

Step 3 : Configuration
Now that you have uploaded the theme, you will need to set it to load within Virtuemart itself. To do this, login into the Administrator and go to Components > Virtuemart. From this page, click on the Configuration item in the left column then select the Site tab. You should now see an option termed as Select the theme for your Shop. In the popup list that appears, select vm_mynxx then Save.

The theme should now be install and set to load for Virtuemart.

Mynxx Virtuemart Modules

With Virtuemart, you are provided with a series of modules which provide an extra degree of functionality for your Joomla shopping site. We have customised a selection of these modules to match the Mynxx template more effectively and provide additional functions and elements.

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