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Virtuemart Integration.
First Time ever

Mynxx incorporates the popular shopping extension Virtuemart
  • One of the ways Mynxx integrates Virtuemart is through a dedicated theme for the component: vm_mynxx.
  • Secondly, there are a series of modified virtuemart modules to diversify your content such as the mootools powered RokVirtuemart Scroller.
  • Many more features have been added, which subtly enhance the entire feel of your shopping site.

Perfect Columns. Source ordered & SEO optimised.

A new layout / structure, designed to maximise SEO results
  • A continuation of our SEO optimising agenda with our templates. Now even greater with Perfect Columns.
  • The new structure allows for a source ordered layout, meaning that your main content appears first in your code.
  • Therefore, the search engines crawlers will view your articles first which provides for better rankings and results.

Mootools extravaganza. A plethora of scripts.

An unprecedented amount of script enhancements for your site
  • Even more features in conjunction with the typical elements of our recent templates such as moomenu.
  • Many mootools dropdown panels for your Login Form, your Virtuemart Cart and the template Font Styles.
  • RokBox powered module positions, check out More Information in the bottom section of Mynxx.


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